Strictly Rockers Records have widely become the hippies’ new voice for British Ska & Reggae. They specialise with the authentic 60’s 70’s influence and it’s everything we all like about Jamaican music Godfreyof Ska and Boss Reggae, which we haven’t heard for long time, its new era!!! The Strictly Rockers Records era!!!!

 Godfrey Green’s Music Career started in the womb as his Mum was a regular Church singer & his Dad was Ska DJ. Both Parents are Jamaican born and came to the  UK in the early 60’s to start a new life in the growing  British Colony. Godfrey is the first of four Sons. Born in the City of Bath, music was always on in the house. Radio Ross-co Show 60’s Ska 70’s Big Boss sound, or you name it Godfrey’s Dad had it! But Sundays was always Jim Reeves or Sacred Records, which was all about church Gospel hymns and Mahala Jackson. Heavily influenced by Godfrey’s Dad’s Small Axe Sound System its was no wonder that all four boys would move into the music industry Godfrey is the song writer, bassist and is the all round musically talented one.. AKA Ya Freshness, Brother Devon the Science, AKA DJ Longshot. Brother Chris AKA Ska Man and Brother Peter Ranx a DJ’s and works along with Steve B to date heads to up the long time dedicated Strictly Rockers  sound system vibes that goes  way back to the early 80’s.They perform lots of gigs throughout the Southwest region hosted by  DJ Pete Ranx who later inherited the name’ Steely’ for his  mash up DJ set carrying  on where his dad left off. Godfrey’s Dad was the local DJ so he was always busy doing Christenings, Weddings and engagement parties, often the brothers went along with him and Godfrey remembers clearly the tunes and classics ska songs from the early 60’s & 70’s, So when Two Tone came along with the Specials they were ready for it! They where  great times for everybody it really brought some relief towards a lot racial tension at the time.

Godfrey was influence by the Saxa of the Beat & Rico Rodriguez Trombonist. Godfrey learned to play Saxophone and then moved onto trombone, but played the Alto saxophone for a local reggae band and played the snare drums in the Air Cadets Band. By 1982 as Break-dancing came in, Godfrey said “I just happen to be in London Covent Gardens in the early 80s and what I saw that day change me”.  When he got back to Bath he formed the Electro Rods Break-dance Troop. The overnight success of The Electro Rods bought about a sponsorship by The Princess Trust and the Electro Rods were asked to perform for Prince Charles on his visit to Bristol, It made national TV and Press and they became the local hero’s of the Southwest. The troop went on to perform for the late lady Diana at the opening of The Ideal Home Exhibition  & later at couple of European venues. By 1987 the Rap explosion hit the UK. Godfrey witnessed the American assault at London Hammersmith Odeon of LL cool J, Public Enemy & Rakim & Eric B, which sent him on another Journey. Godfrey started to roll the rhyme! He found rapping quite easy as he had already started practicing writing songs whilst being in a Reggae band. 1987 Godfrey entered the regions Bristol Southwest Rapping Champion with Guest Judge well known DJ legendary, Ranking Miss P The Competition was held in Bristol at the Studio Night Club. Godfrey smashed every competition there, winning Studio time and a Microphone. Still to this day Godfrey remains the best live and most entertaining MC in the region. Godfrey became the first Rapper to represent the South West, performing live with Bristol’s finest Dj Milo from Wildlbunch at the St Paul’s Carnival; Godfrey became runner up at the DMC finalist for the UK. Godfrey then started his own trio in 1988, with the independently-released song, “Ownstlye”, sung by Godfrey voiced singer-songwriter, and then, with backing from Neal Slateford a DJ at Mole’s Night Club, got the trio signed to Rawbass Records. In 1990 the song got released and remixed by DNA and was an   instant clubland success but the record  didn’t get to the High Street due to not having commitment from  EMI Records , as it was deemed to risky for musical lawyer’s due to the song containing  samples from the David Bowie’s classic Fashion.

However Godfrey continue to gig undisturbed by the set back .He went on to write an album with studio engineer Nick Batt of DNA, by then the trio collectively called Revelation 3 was going from strength to strength with live performances attracting Production Teams like Simon Harris Music of Life and Remixers DJ Alan Coulthard from Dino Records.


Around the same time Godfrey signed a Publishing deal for a second single  “You Know How To Whistle” with Moles Publishing. This track was released on Pump Records in 1991 that became a subsidiary of Dino Records. Co-produced by Godfrey and Alan Coulthard. Later that year Godfrey signed his first Management deal with Mo Norrington who became his first Manager. By 1995 the trio started to in introduce more of a R&B sound with Vocalist’s Carlton Roots from Bristol Veteran Reggae Band Black Roots who went on to perform a Radio Smash “Rhythm Of Love” and then “Psalmist ” which was released on the back of a Foster Ice competition for the best bands in the region. Godfrey got the platform he needed to really use his production and songwriters’ skills. That year saw the band have TV appearances and support slots with the likes of Beverly Knight  & James Taylor Quartet among many others; well known acts that came to the region. Godfrey then was invited by Andy Allan of Bristol’s Coach House studio to do the single “Promises” with singer Martine McCarthy, another gem of a song and again proved a hit with A&R and provided crucial financial support that started the building of Strictly Rockers Records Studio. Godfrey then spent 7 years writing & recording upcoming artist for independents and some major labels. Godfrey worked full time in marketing & telesales boosting enough finance to one day creating his very own Recording Studio. Then came a well-put together remake of the late John Barry’s 70’s hit Persuaders theme tune. Godfrey cleverly added a deadly melody and words to the 70’s instrumental hit that would give Godfrey long deserved credibility and recondition through Sony music.  John Barry gave Godfrey clearance to release the song the “Desire”. One the best of Bristol ‘s tunes made from the trip hop era!!!!  The band Mellowstatics was a folky, trip pop festival band, Godfrey played bass and rapped while the lead vocals were sang by Teph Kay.  Mellowstatics released two singles “Hero”  &  “Sun is Shining”. Godfrey was never happy with the Idea of working with other Producers and shelved the album, instead he concentrated on Strictly Rockers Records this would now be the label that could really express his talent, style and experience, which could inspire the younger generation of Artists coming through. Godfrey got the vision, even though he openly admits that he would never have got this far without the help of Producers Nick Batt from DNA, Peter Parson, Al Steele from ShabbeyRoad Studios and also Dominque Brethes played major part in Godfreys development. Godfrey aid “Deep down I knew the sound  & rhythm I need to make and it was frustrating to me that I didn’t have the experience back then.” Godfrey was featured on TV series Street Idol Working along with Bristol ‘s Legendary Kizzy Morrell’s for Studio 7 development young musician workshop. Godfrey was now heavily involved in growing his label Strictly Rockers Records and he still plays a big hand in the development of young artists in the region as well the upcoming UK talent. Strictly Rockers Reggae made a big impact on the 60’s Ska and Rocksteady Genre and has attracted vinyl distribution in Europe .He now has started to open up a roster for Northern Soul, Godfrey very much enjoys seeing his artists or his prodigy’s grow. Godfrey said ” I wish I had a start to my music career like this, that’s why I’m prepared to assist new artists with a full on attention to detail service.” Some artists have a real chance of success in their hands” says Godfrey If I can help them I will be committed to get them onto the ladder with Strictly Rockers Records. I was very fortunate to have received funding from Polydor & Island Records back in the day , but today there is no funding available for young Artists  to development their skills. As an Artist myself I have always been passionate about the music. Rather being a celebrity star. I feel I can make difference with my love for music and what it means to me!”