Lascel Wood


Lascel was born and bred in the picturesque city of Bath.

As a small child he lived alone with his Mum. She always played music at home and it comforted him through many a tough time in his life. As he grew up music helped to bring him peace of mind. As a child he was bought a karaoke machine, which ignited his passion for singing and helped him to express himself in a way that made him feel free and untouchable.

He grew up listening to greats such as: Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Luther Vandross, Mariah Carey & Stevie Wonder. These legends influenced and inspired him towards a unique vocal style. He always seemed to get a great response from the audience wherever he sang: from churches to busking on the street & competitions.


After college, he went on to study a Vocal Diploma at Brighton Institute of Modern Music. One of his teachers was Kelle Bryan of the girl band Eternal, one of Britain’s biggest successes. She inspired him & helped build his confidence in many ways. Another of his teachers was Elliot May, a powerful vocalist who wrote and sang “Do Your Thing” for Basement Jaxx. When he finished at BIMM in June 2011, he entered the X Factor. He sang his own rendition of “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon and received a standing ovation I received from the four judges.


The vibe of this album is rooted in Motown, fused with an added Ska & Northern Soul flavour. Inspired by the likes of: Sam Cooke, Terence Trent D’Arby and Amy Winehouse. His album will feature a blast of trombone from Jamaican Ska legend Rico Rodrigues and Dennis Rollins.

Since Lascel has completed his album he made a decision to join the Micheal Jackson thriller tour around UK and Europe and seems to be enjoying the experience of touring.  However there are available tracks on YouTube which are promo tracks from his Album. His single ‘Im your man’ is available for download on iTunes.

Keep and eye out for updates as to when his album will be released.